Kansas City Remains Trashy

TV news editorial offers perspective and motivation to continue cleanup efforts . . .

Every year, tons of trash end up as an eyesore and threatens wildlife and the environment.

To all those who volunteered to pick up trash, congratulations on a job well done.

We now call on the city, county and state agencies to do more to keep our roadways clean.

This means cracking down on motorists and companies who let trash or cargo fall out of their unsecured vehicles.

We must all make sure we don’t litter and put garbage in the proper place for collection.

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April 28, 2023 Editorial: Leadership must do more to keep Kansas City clean

Volunteers fanned out across our area for the great Kansas City cleanup on Earth Day weekend. The cleanup took place just days before thousands descended on Kansas City for the NFL draft. The effort, along with city and state agencies putting in extra hours for clean-up, means our city is looking better than it has been all year.