Kansas City Question: When Should Families Take Away Grandpa's Guns?!?

Recent events in Kansas City will inspire a great deal of uncomfortable debate across the nation. 

Here's an overview of an argument that won't go well for anybody . . .

Experts say there is no firm age to remove weapons from a person. It’s similar to taking away a person’s car keys. Everyone is different.

“I think one important thing to note is there’s not a particular age at which someone becomes unsafe to have a firearm unsafe to drive unsafe to do some other activities that potentially could be dangerous. So, it’s not an age per se, but it’s really about how somebody functions, their vision, their reflexes, and most importantly, how they’re thinking,” said Dr. Marian Betz.

She helped create the Firearm Life Plan. It’s a free tool kit with paperwork families can download and use. It helps get the conversation started about what should happen with weapons down the road.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - The shooting of a Black Northland teenager by an elderly white man is a crime with racist undertones, according to the Clay County prosecutor. Andrew Lester's own grandson commented on his recent behavior on CNN. Klint Ludwig said he believes his grandfather holds "racist tendencies and beliefs."