Kansas City Northland Suffers Racist Smear After Teen Shooting

Elected leaders, activists and social media denizens are working diligently to besmirch one of many diverse communities in Kansas City.

The reality is the Northland is home to immigrant families, a large Indian population, many Black people and a growing contingent of Latinos. 

The root of the criticism . . . Longtime Kansas City leaders have never figured out how to campaign in this part of town, recently flipped their voting districts upside down and have all but declared war on this part of KCMO because longstanding political rules don't apply in this community and even old school Northlanders don't seem to have a pathway to the future.

And so . .  . It's easier to call everyone racist than try to understand this community . . .

"That’s because the suburbs of Kansas City north of the Missouri River have long held a reputation of not being the most welcoming to Black families. While I’ve adjusted to the awkward stares and subtle racism, I’ve always had a nagging fear that something bad could happen if my sons ventured too far from home without me. "

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For This Black Mom, Ralph Yarl Could Have Been Her Son

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - On April 13, the nightmare that I'd worried about ever since we moved into our neighborhood came true. John, my older son, is 17 and attends the same high school as Ralph. It's common for me to ask John to pick up his 14-year-old brother Jaden from various extracurricular activities.