Kansas City 'Noble Lie' Contends That NFL Draft Spikes Domestic Violence

Locals give KCUR a great deal of cash to practice "journalism" and better inform the public. 

However . . . A recent interview was predicated on an absolute falsehood.

Here's the sketchy premise . . .

"Advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse say that events revolving around alcohol consumption, like the Super Bowl or NFL Draft, can escalate violence against women."

Fact check from Snopes . . . 

"Domestic violence has been a problem all too often ignored, covered up, and swept under the rug. Many well-intentioned and successful efforts have been made in the last few decades to bring the issue to public attention; to get the word out to women that they need not suffer silent, helpless, and alone; to advertise that there are organizations victims can turn to for help and support; and to educate others in spotting the signs of abuse. Unfortunately, nearly every cause will encompass a sub-group of advocates who, either through deliberate disingenuousness or earnest gullibility, end up spreading "noble lies" in the furtherance of that cause. The myth of Super Bowl Sunday violence is one such noble lie. "

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Kansas City health providers are worried the NFL Draft could bring a rise in sexual abuse

As Kansas City prepares for the NFL Draft this week, health care professionals and domestic violence shelters are worried about an increase in sexual assault and domestic violence. "[E]vents like Super Bowls or even like the Draft or other big events coming up can certainly increase alcohol consumption, which can escalate and enhance violence occurring," said Kimberly Paul, director of community programs at Safehome, a domestic violence shelter in Overland Park, Kansas.