Kansas City NFL Draft: Bigger Than Yours

In the locker room and every other place where clandestine homoerotic American culture dominates: Life constantly comes down to a measuring contest. 

Kansas City's polite flex on football fans hinges on a girth-y stage still being erected . . .

The entire draft site includes 7.5 miles of temporary fence line, 1.5 miles of concrete barrier, more than 500 truckloads of gear, 168 total loudspeakers and subwoofers and more than 400,000 watts of sound amplification power.

Construction on the site began on March 27. At first, the staff of workers was a couple of hundred. But by the final week, it has numbered in the thousands.

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Why The 2023 NFL Draft In Kansas City Is The Biggest Draft Site Ever

With a footprint of approximately 3.1 million square feet, the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City will be the biggest event site in NFL history. That number represents a million more square feet than either of the last two drafts in Cleveland and Las Vegas.

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We have to admit at KKHI that we've been underestimating the NFL Draft in KC. If 300,000 people really do show up for this thing, it will be the biggest "sporting event" in our city's history. We tap a couple experts to get their opinions about what we are about to see...

NFL reporters, analysts arrive in Kansas City for 2023 NFL Draft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You can add reporters and analysts covering the NFL among those arriving early for this week' 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City. NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero took to Twitter Monday morning offering a sneak peak at the Draft Green Room, which is set up in Kansas City's Union Station's Main Hall.

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