Kansas City MSM Works To Manufacture Consent For South Loop Scam

Corporate welfare enthusiasts are busy hyping this greedy, misguided project . . . What's unfortunate is that most of the opposition is content to grumble on the Internets rather than crash visit these public parties and voice their concerns. 

Let's not forget that federal funding has already passed over this project. Local media reports are now dutifully ignoring this important recent disappointment . . . 

In the USDOT’s “FY 2022 Mega Ratings Report,” officials did not issue a recommendation for the grant, pointing to four shortcomings: cost-effectiveness, lack of “stable and dependable” sources of non-federal funding, capacity to carry out the project, and the necessary data collection and analysis. 

And of course, the hype loop persists with content like this:

"South Loop Project leaders last Tuesday shared two designs incorporating community feedback: one would close the Baltimore bridge, and the other would close the Walnut bridge."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

South Loop Project in 3 easy pieces: Presentation + survey + news coverage - Downtown Council of Kansas City

South Loop Project - the proposed urban park over I-670 in the heart of Downtown - captured the public spotlight during a community gathering last week at the Power & Light District. Click here to watch the presentation and take the survey (until April 25.)