Kansas City Mayor Q Worsens Racial Divisions On Face The Nation

Blaming guns, racism and governance structure . . . Kansas City Mayor Q spoke to the politics of a recent teen shooting that earned the national spotlight. 

What we noticed first and foremost . . . 

Mayor Q's concern seems focused on defending the White House and Democratic Party policy over managing hometown issues and the local impact of this ongoing controversy.

His tone was diplomatic, polished and strong . . . But we've heard these words before and they mostly lead to more divisive discussions.  

Credit where it's due . . . Toward the end of the interview he did make an important mention that law enforcement taking this shooting SERIOUSLY was, in fact, an important message the needs to be understood by all.

Then again, he ruined those comments by discounting the rising crime issue plaguing KCMO and the nation. 

Check the description and the interview . . .

"Ralph Yarl, a Black 16-year-old in Kansas City, was shot last week after going to the wrong house. A White 84-year-old man has been charged with two felony counts. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas joins "Face the Nation" to discuss."

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