Kansas City Hates Short-Term Rentals

A historic number of visitors and election season have sparked a rare bit of cowtown consensus . . .

Resentment against short-term rentals is hitting critical mass in Kansas City.

As of late we haven't noticed as many "In this how, we believe" signs . . . Instead, as this recent photo we took this week . . . We're seeing visible frustration against a trend that turns every neighborhood into a hotel district.

Sadly . . . Before the election all we've seen is piecemeal attempts to address the problem from incumbents and a mostly laissez-faire approach to the crisis from city hall. 

Read more about ineffective local policy via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Short Term Rental (STR) | KCMO.gov - City of Kansas City, MO

Programs & Initiatives The City of Kansas City defines a short term rental (STR) as the rental of property, a dwelling unit or a portion thereof for a period of less than 30 consecutive days, unless the rental meets the definition of "lodging" or "bed and breakfast".

Airbnb: NFL Draft will deliver big revenue to Kansas City-area hosts - Kansas City Business Journal

With out-of-town guests flocking to Kansas City for the NFL Draft, it's not just area hotels that are benefiting. When the NFL Draft was held last year in Las Vegas, area Airbnb Inc. hosts collectively earned nearly $650,000 in revenue. Airbnb said it expects Kansas City-area hosts to have similar earning potential.