Kansas City Faith Groups Confront Haters

Not every instance of tagging in KCMO is a confirmed hate crime . . . However, local groups often use vandalism to unite followers behind a message of understanding and tolerance. 

This weekend . . . That message earns a bit more respect from dead-tree readers.

From this town's leading scribe on faith & morals . . .

"Healthy, generative religion, it turns out, is still immensely important in Kansas City. Yes, Christianity still has the most followers here, but America’s changing religious landscape has affected the metro, too, as American Christianity suffers diminishment and as the number of religiously unaffiliated people (called the “nones”) grows. 

"Religion’s fingerprints are all over Kansas City’s history. Sometimes in uplifting ways, sometimes far from it."

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Many faiths flourish in Kansas City. We must all come together to fight hatred | Opinion

When vandals ransacked and spray-painted swastikas and other hate symbols on the headquarters of the Dialogue Institute of Kansas City last fall, people of faith responded quickly and with heart. First, they spread the word about what had happened to this Turkish-based Muslim group, which has promoted interfaith understanding here for years.