Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Suffers Criticism Over Ripped Jeans

Fashion critiques pointing out his casual style opposed to the wife-y earn him online rebuke and just a bit more love from football fans who never take off their baseball cap . . . Check-it . . .

As a result, some fans are questioning why he has dressed down when his wife is looking like so radiant and beautiful, one asking why he isn't dressing "like an adult".

While many praised Matthews Mahomes for her stunning dress, there were just as many who took aim at her husband, with one commenting: "Brit u always look so sharp and pretty and have awesome fashion sense BUT those ripped jeans next to you!? Like OMG always ripped jeans! My man needs to make it look sharp and have clean looks when standing next to u just saying!!"

Another agreed with the sentiment, adding: "She looks stunning. He looks like he should be in HS dressed like that. Dude you have millions of dollar dress like an adult."

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Patrick Mahomes slammed over choice of pants-"dress like an adult"

Patrick Mahomes has been slammed for letting down his wife Brittany Matthews Mahomes when it comes to his fashion sense. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, who has a deal with Adidas for a range of sneakers one critic described as the "worst ever," has been the target of naysayers on social media who think he is dressing like a high-schooler.