Kansas City Baseball Fans Proclaim: Watching 2023 Royals Wastes Precious Time

It's rare that we witness even a modicum of honesty in local sports coverage. However, a passage from a recent April roundup really deserves attention. 

This kind of perspective is far more important than mere baseball coverage, an honest view of the team is important at municipal level for so many residents who might soon be asked to sustain the burden of stadium financing. 

Basically, a scribe noted . . .


Here's the passage that should resonate for anyone taking this town's reputation seriously . . .

"As April comes to a close, it should now be quite clear that the 2023 Royals are not going to reward patience, determination, loyalty, or any other positive quality you might attribute to your Royals fandom. You may immediately redistribute your summer hobby plans towards other activities that are more likely to bring you joy safe in the knowledge that you won’t be missing anything. There can be a sense of relief in that."

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Look: Royals Hit New Low After Inexplicably Allowing a Double on a Bunt

The are off to another extremely slow start, as they are 6-21 in their first 27 games, just half a game better than the worst record in baseball. So, Kansas City has been susceptible to some lowlights on the season, and an extremely dubious one occurred Friday night.

These Royals are unlucky AND awful

As has been noted multiple times by multiple people over the past week, the Royals have played exactly one team under .500 so far this season. That was the lone series they managed to win, defeating the San Francisco Giants two games to one.

Developing . . .