Kansas Activists Decry Trans Crackdown & Argue No Advantage Over CIS Ladies

Again . . . For the record TKC doesn't think sports is important. 

For the overwhelming majority of people, sports is mostly a waste of time and takes far too long to offer a worthwhile teachable moment . . . Basically, that everything is rigged and most people should get accustomed to losing for the rest of their life.

I'll go even one further . . . Given the option . . . Coed sports sound way more fun than most amateur level competition. Think about it . . . Which would you rather do . . . Play a fun & pointless game with friends or have some middle-aged guy with an AWESOME mustache yell at you in fierce competition over the forgettable???

Nevertheless . . . 

We picked out this passage because it's not the most important part of controversial Kansas legislation or the trans debate BUT the argument is important to highlight if only because it denies just about everything we've ever learned about elementary & secondary school athletic competition . . . 

Kansas’ Republican-controlled legislature voted overwhelmingly along party lines – 84-40 in the House and 28-12 in the Senate – to bypass the governor.

“The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act protects the rights of female athletes in the state by requiring that female student athletic teams only include members who are biologically female,” Speaker of the House Dan Hawkins, Majority Leader Chris Croft and Speaker Pro Tem Blake Carpenter said in a joint statement.

Advocates of such measures have argued that transgender women and girls have physical advantages over cisgender women and girls in sports. But a 2017 report in the journal Sports Medicine that reviewed several related studies found “no direct or consistent research” on trans people having an athletic advantage over their cisgender peers, and critics say this legislation adds to the discrimination that trans people face, particularly trans youth.

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Kansas lawmakers override governor's veto to enact anti-trans sports ban | CNN Politics

Transgender women and girls in Kansas will no longer be allowed to compete on sports teams from kindergarten through college consistent with their gender, after state lawmakers on Wednesday overrode a veto from their governor to enact the restriction.

Science counterpoint from a mainstream source . . .

Trans women retain athletic edge after a year of hormone therapy, study finds

A new study suggests transgender women maintain an athletic advantage over their cisgender peers even after a year on hormone therapy. The results, published last month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, could mean the current one-year waiting period for Olympic athletes who are transitioning is inadequate.

You decide . . .