Kansas Abortion Tourism Almost Explained

Reality check . . . NOBODY wants this reputation because it makes services harder to get for locals. 

Here are the basics of human misery used for partisan kick-ball . . .

“We are averaging about 500 patients a month, give or take,” said Ashley Brink, a clinic director at Trust Women Wichita. “We're located in Kansas, but we only see about 100 patients a month that are actually from Kansas, the other 400-plus are from other states.”

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As post-Roe bans swept the U.S., legal abortions dropped nationwide - but not in Kansas

The report from the Society of Family Planning also shows abortion pill prescriptions via telemedicine have doubled in the U.S. after Roe v. Wade was overturned. Providers say constantly changing state laws leave patients confused about where they can access reproductive care.