Independence, Missouri 'Bring Your Pitbull To Work' Day Coming Soon

A peek at progress and how this community is changing hearts and minds one cuddle at a time . . .

Yes, in Independence, any canine “displaying the majority of physical traits” of a breed commonly referred to as a pit bull — a square head, a bulky body — is outlawed, no matter the dog’s DNA.

In recent years, Overland Park, Roeland Park, Wyandotte County, Liberty and other area cities have repealed breed-specific dog legislation.

Could Independence be next?

The Kansas City suburb already has laws on the books regulating dangerous dogs. Now, a group of concerned city residents and animal lovers want the pit bull ban eliminated.

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Independence dog lovers want to lift the pit bull ban. Breed-specific laws don't work | Opinion

Should Independence repeal its nearly two-decade-old ban on pit bulls? That is a question worthy of consideration. Most municipalities in the metropolitan area have rescinded similar dog policies. In Independence, pit bull terriers and other dogs that merely resemble them are prohibited. Wait, what?