Iconic Midtown Kansas City Tattoo Shop Asks For Crowdfunding Help After Inferno

A local plea to preserve this town's ink'd history . . .

“Our beloved Grimm Tattoo, a Kansas City staple since 1980, has burned to the ground,” artist David Gant posted on Instagram. “Please help us to rebuild and take care of our people while we look to relocate and continue our legacy.”

Grimm has been a forever fixture in the Westport area. Pioneering tattoo artist Bert Grimm passed away in 1985, and his descendant Wes Grimm compiled much of his materials and historic art—both from Bert and other famous pioneers in the field—and expanded the parlor into a museum that also features sheets of “flash” designs and artifacts from body art from across the last century.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched today by Gant, to help the business staff deal with the fallout of a fire that claimed much of the building and untold amounts of history.

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