Hickman Mills Election Postscript

Per ushe  . . . We trust perspective from our blog community more than MSM . . . Here's a worthwhile note and reference sent our way . . .

"The local dead tree wrote something that actually resembles journalism-ish. Calling out those who are using power in a corrupt way. Basically the fine folks at the Hickman Mills Board of Education decided to try to appoint an election LOSER in the most recent election to a vacant position on the board left, who resigned after moving out of district."

"Two of the Board members refused to go to the meeting in protest, which lead to the Board President, being unable to appoint a successor."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

KC-area school board president tried to install a candidate the voters just rejected | Opinion

What were some members of the Hickman Mills School District Board of Education thinking? Ignoring their own rules on school board vacancies by trying to seat a candidate who just lost in last week's municipal election is no way to conduct business.