Grandview & Blue Springs Scary Life Lesson: Students Packing Heat

This week we learned that even suburban students are well-armed.

Two stories bring the crisis home . . .

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Loaded gun found in Blue Springs South student's backpack

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Police took a Blue Springs South High School student into custody after finding a gun in the student's backpack. According to the district, teachers suspected the student was under the influence of marijuana. As a result, someone at the school searched the student's backpack.

Blue Springs South High School student arrested after loaded pistol found in backpack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Blue Springs South High School student was arrested Wednesday morning after a loaded pistol was found in a backpack. A note from Principal Dr. Ryan Gettings to families with students at the school states teachers suspected a student of being under the influence of marijuana.

Grandview parents concerned after student charged with taking machine gun to school

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Parents in Grandview have questions after a student took a gun to school. They said the district didn't notify them until five days after an arrest. "We've been getting emails like that before, but it's always been the day of," Parent Kesha Canady-McGee said.

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