Feeble Kansas City Teen Shooting Suspect Disproves Narrative

Over the past 72 hours we've seen Kansas City suffer rampant imbecility as global media diligently work to enforce their version of a controversial story.

Police and some of the better local leaders have worked to assure the public that investigation and legal proceedings are underway. That's somewhat reassuring if only because so many shooting cases linger unattended for years or never see the light of day amid the record-breaking spate of violence currently confronting this cowtown.

Nevertheless . . . 

One look at the suspect in the recent Kansas City teen shooting negates so much social justice blathering and racially-charged "advocacy" already working to convict an 84-year-old man without a trial. We notice his mugshot isn't widely circulated in national reports . . . Possibly because his frail features contradict so much of the irresponsible rhetoric surrounding a tragic event.

More to the point . . . 


The discriminatory arguments are some of the most disgusting we've seen in hopes of circumventing the judicial process or further police investigation. 

Just from the mugshot . . . Here's what we can decipher . . .

The suspect has likely either suffered a stroke or currently endures a myriad of illnesses which require a litany of medications. 

The details of the shooting are tragic and we're grateful that the youngster in question is now at home recovering. We shudder to think of the chaos that would ensue if his injuries had been more serious. 

In the meantime, the home of the suspect has been the target of repeated vandalism as "the narrative" that has emerged is one of culturally divisive racism and hatred rather than any semblance of reason that would understand the tragic circumstances surrounding this horrible event. 

Don't get it twisted . . . It's likely that somebody needs to take away grandpa's guns BUT not even that kind of concern doesn't linger in the mind of the public.

Hack journalists and all manner of online creeps would rather rant against the Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground laws rather than delve into the specifics of this case which clearly involves a suspect enduring medical hardship. 

Again . . . We don't offer any undue sympathy for a shooting suspect, we merely note the obvious medical CONTEXT because even national media has ignored this important detail. 

And at this point we must acknowledge that there's still a great deal the public doesn't know about this shooting and any relevant detail is likely to disappear into the background of the discourse after MSM has already manufactured the culture war chronology to highlight racism, ritual 'Black Lives' chanting and, of course, anti-gun talking points. 

To be fair . . . 

Our MAGA friends might, in fact, deserve just a tiny bit of blame given that so much of their discourse is fear-based and seems targeted at scaring their demographically-verified older, white audience. Just like their progressive counterparts, so much of right-wing conversation actively encourages hysterical levels of culture war mania in order garner viewership and votes . . . More experienced denizens of the discourse understand this shtick is all about gaining market-share but more than a few Americans are quick to give into panic that's almost always employed to accomplish political aims.

And none of this changes the essential facts of the case . . . 

A youngster was shot and THANK GOD HE'S RECOVERING . . . An elderly man is now suspected & charged for the gunfire. Even if convicted, given no prior criminal record, it's unlikely that he'll ever spend any time in jail if he can survive to see his trial.

Meanwhile . . . Scores of activists, celebrities and politicians have swarmed around this story hoping to benefit from outrage and attention ahead of any verifiable details.

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We notice KSHB is bending their "mugshot policy" to hype this detail . . .

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