Clay County Probably Too Cheap To Pay For Kansas City Royals Stadium Complex?!?

Not according to this bit of hype . . . What we like about this note . . . Is that even the teaser shows us a behind the scenes move from power players imposed on the plebs . . . Check-it . . .

"Quiet real estate maneuvers have brought almost 100 acres in North Kansas City under one influential local family's control. Not long afterward, the Royals shared that they had several leading locations in and near downtown Kansas City for a $2 billion stadium and ballpark district. One such site falls within the assembled land and remains in play, the team says."

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There's more to the Royals' NKC site than meets the eye - with or without a stadium - Kansas City Business Journal

Last fall, the Kansas City Business Journal reported that more than 150 acres of industrial, office and commercial properties had traded hands in one of North Kansas City's largest investment sales in some time. A closer look reveals that some of the land could support an eventual district development, potentially alongside the Kansas City Royals.