Clay Chastain: 'I'm Not Afraid To Campaign Anywhere In Kansas City'

A response to rampant fear circulating amongst politicos this week . . .

Clay Chastain Mayoral press release: Unlike Mayor Lucas, I don't think Northlanders are racist. Unlike Council Candidate Kelley, I am not afraid to campaign anywhere in Kansas City.

Yes I know, many voters don't like the fact I split my time between 2- places because I have an older daughter who lives in KC, and a younger daughter who lives with me in Virginia. But is that worse than having a Mayor who stokes racial tension, is pushing reparations and has presided over record-setting homicides,?

I want to be Mayor to show the people what I can do... Engineer a Better Kansas City for Everyone. I have campaigned across the streets of Kansas City (talking to everyone) @...

(1) The Eastside (Sun Fresh @ Linwood & Prospect)
(2) The Northland (KCI & Vivion Rd.)
(3) The Westside (Guadalupe Comm. Center)
(4) Midtown (Price Chopper & Whole Foods)
(5) Downtown (City Hall), et al.

Mayor Lucas has been campaigning on National TV (MSNBC & Face the Nation) telling the world KC's Northland is a racist Community and too many guns is the primary reason for the exploding violence across America-like in Kansas City where he is Mayor.

Come the General Election...Shop & Compare.

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