There is a very simple game that every KCMO council member must learn if they want success. 

It's called . . . Count to 7 and sometimes 9.

What are the rules?!?!

Well, the rules are quite simple . . . 

IF you don't have AT LEAST a majority vote lined up. THEN YOU LOSE!!!

Thanks to our blog community . . . A great many people watched that happen to council lady Melissa Robinson today. 

Behind the scenes and in texts sent our way . . . Some are calling it an "EPIC FAIL" and possibly a horrible airing of dirty laundry. 

Either way, we're obligated to report the aftermath of the no confidence vote: 


We'll talk more about it later but . . . 

Credit where it's due: City Manager Brian Platt & Mayor Q stay winning another round. 

Read more via link . . .

KCMO councilwoman's effort to vote 'no confidence' on City Manager Brian Platt on hold

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, City Councilwoman Melissa Robinson's effort to hold a no-confidence vote for City Manager Brian Platt is on hold until further notice. KSHB 41 I-Team reporter Sarah Plake spoke to Robinson Thursday, during which Robinson detailed efforts to schedule a committee meeting where people would have the chance to "air grievances" about Platt.

Developing . . .