Celebrate Kansas City Voting Guides & Mailers Amid Decline Of Western Democracy

Instead of going to a lot of trouble over a vote of less than 7 percent of local residents . . . We share a glimpse at the big picture . . .

"1 in 5 Americans have views that make them at least open to, if not outright supportive of, authoritarianism."

 At first glance . . . This might seem like an indictment of your Republican daddy.

Is democracy failing and putting our economic system at risk?

The rule of law and democracy are crucial to capital markets. A free market balanced by a democratically elected, transparent and capable government, and a strong civil society ("an inclusive regime") yield stable growth rates and greater social welfare.

However . . . 

Last time I checked the GOP didn't demand lockdowns or recommend a memoir by the former prez that's over 700 pages long and 28 hours via audiobook . . . At that point, it's not such a great loss when the Republicans shut down the libraries. 

But I digress . . . 

Our main contention in this post is that nobody ever said American Democracy and/or the Republic was permanent. Even the slave owning, rapist, weed smoking founders kinda hinted that this thing wasn't built to last. 

Still . . . Our blog community is comprised of optimists at heart and believe that these voting guides might provide some valuable info amid a slew of rigged social media electioneering and so much encouraging disinformation promoted by activists, C-list laywers and our betters . . .

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April 4, 2023 Election Guide

Below are the questions that voters will be presented with at the polls on Tuesday, April 4. The official wording of the questions can be found at kceb.org. Mayor * QUINTON LUCAS* CLAY CHASTAIN* ANDREW MCGUIRE (Write-In)* LEROY GLOVER, JR.

The Kansas City Defender 2023 Municipal Election Voter Guide

Our Voter Guide is a comprehensive resource for the community, offering information on the candidates running for office, the issues that matter to Black voters, and the impact of certain endorsements. As part of our mission to produce information and programs for the survival and flourishing of Black people, we are excited to announce the creation of The Kansas City Defender Voter Guide for the 2023 Municipal Election.

Kansas City votes on city council, weed & Airbnb tax April 4. Here are elections to watch

A new Kansas City Council takes office in August and it's guaranteed to look different than the current one. Goodbye Katheryn Shields, Teresa Loar, Kevin McManus, Lee Barnes, Dan Fowler and Heather Hall. All have reached the end of their term limits. Hello, who?

COMMITMENT 2023: Your guide to the April municipal elections

Missouri voters have a lot to consider Tuesday-from key races to bond issues to marijuana sales taxes. We walk you through some of the biggest items on the ballot. COMMITMENT 2023: Your guide to the April municipal elections Missouri voters have a lot to consider Tuesday-from key races to bond issues to marijuana sales taxes.

A Deeper Look at Ballot Measures

KCMO voters will vote on four ballot issues in the April 4 municipal and school board elections, and Grandview voters will vote on two. Three of these issues, if approved, will impose a 3% tax on the retail sale of recreational marijuana as authorized by the constitutional amendment approved by Missouri voters last November legalizing the possession and sale of recreational marijuana by adults with certain restrictions.

Developing . . .