Amid Tennessee Protest: Pundit Claims Sen. Hawley Raised Fist Also Deserves Rebuke

A bit of a stretch but a Missouri connection to recent partisan slap-fighting . . . Check-it . . .

"The first thing they wanted to do was tell them that boy you can’t speak no more. Then you realize where we truly are. I mean, you think about Josh Hawley. I mean, people want to talk about decorum. You think about Josh Hawley raising his fist of power as he walks by insurrectionist. And Josh Hawley today is still a United States senator from the great state of Missouri."

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CNN's Bakari Sellers Blames Trump For Expulsion of Black Lawmakers: Promoted 'Racism As Political Currency'

CNN analyst Bakari Sellers told CNN anchor Jim Acosta that the expulsion of Black lawmakers in Tennessee is linked to former President Donald Trump's use of "racism as political currency." On Thursday, the Tennessee House voted to expel Reps.

UPDATE . . . Sorry, originally posted the wrong link in this post . . . UPDATED with the correct news item reference.