Amid Homicide Crisis: Has Mayor Q Kept Promises To Kansas City Voters???

We start the morning with a hope for accountability . . . 

Sadly, we have to be realistic after primary election results reveal that Mayor Q holds a 60 point lead against challenger Clay Chastain.

Nevertheless . . . Let's take a peek at how local newsies talk about Mayor Q's tenure . . .

"Lucas beat opponent Jolie Justice with 51% of the vote. In some areas, Lucas remained committed to his 2019 campaign promises, and had a City Council who — more often than not — aligned with his policy priorities when it came to funding housing, scrutinizing tax incentive requests and strengthening basic city services. But in others, Lucas fell short

Here's a passage the deserves to be highlighted and needs a great deal of attention given that it's 20+ paragraphs deep into this write-up . . .

One of Lucas’s main goals in his first term was for Kansas City to see fewer than 100 homicides per year. In the four years he’s been in office, that hasn’t happened once. Lucas’s office has pushed for programs that tackle the root causes of violence and interrupt the cycle of violence before crime occurs.

“We are doing more violence interruption, reaching out to people who are at risk for retaliation,” Lucas said. “We are doing more in connection with working with our school district. That is another one where we're doing more than ever before.”

But Lucas says state oversight of the Kansas City Police Department is an obstacle.

“I think our colonial and racist Board of Police Commissioner system actually is something that creates some real challenge for us in trying to actually have solutions,” he said.

To wit . . . 


It's not exactly inspiring and a sign that the next four years could see worsening tensions betwixt the Mayor's office and the KCPD Police Board. 

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Quinton Lucas promised to be Kansas City's 'housing mayor.' How did his term actually measure up?

When Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas ran for office in 2019, he promised a departure from Kansas City politics as usual. He pledged to prioritize the needs of everyday Kansas Citians - affordable housing, feeling safe in every neighborhood and driving on pothole-free roads - instead of focusing on flashy, big ticket items. "This is what's important for the future of Kansas City," Lucas said in a 2019 campaign video.