Activist Demands For Kansas City Chiefs Name Change Endure Amid Off-Season

There is no respite for social justice work . . . Here's a reminder that NOT EVEN championship glory persuades culture war outcry . . . Check-it . . .

"I’ve heard the Chiefs were named for a Kansas City mayor who was called “The Chief.” The team uses a wolf as its mascot. It has banned headdresses and war paint. However, these acts of supposed solidarity become performative when the Chiefs refuse to listen to the one population who should have a say in if the name should change — Indigenous members of the community.

"The name should change. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not still a fan. We can love our communities and still recognize when they cause harm. We can strive for repair out of love for those organizations and communities. Changing the name would not be a moment of shame and embarrassment, but of celebration and reconciliation."

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A new franchise name should be a priority for the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason - Kansas Reflector

As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, this NFL offseason brings the glory of a third Super Bowl win. As an Indigenous rights activist, I wonder how many more seasons the team will play without changing their name - or if that change will ever come.