Will Kansas City Voters Approve Weed Tax???

A question confronting voters in what could be the lowest turnout election in KCMO history. 


What we suspect . . . The tax will pass and it will likely make the KC metro drug trade worse because of laws that remove most penalties but increase costs for LEGALLY traded weed.

Here are the basics about the upcoming vote . . . 

Three percent is the highest city sales tax allowed under Missouri’s Amendment 3, which legalized recreational marijuana use for those 21 and older.

If each proposed tax on recreational marijuana sales is approved by voters, it would be in addition to the 6% tax Missouri charges.

Medical-use marijuana products are taxed at 4% in Missouri, and will not be subject to the additional taxes, if passed.

Kansas City-area leaders say there are more than 40 licensed marijuana dispensaries currently open in the four-county area.

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Kansas City-area leaders discuss proposed recreational marijuana sales tax

INDEPENENCE, Mo. - Leaders across the Missouri side of the metro are meeting Monday afternoon to talk about proposed sales taxes on recreational marijuana. The following cities are some of the dozens across the state that are asking voters to pass the 3% tax when they head to the polls on April 4.

Kansas City-area dispensaries hiring after 1st month of recreational sales top $71M

KANSAS CITY, Mo - During one of the slower days of the week, there's a constant stream of customers at Greenlight Dispensary near State Line Road and W 135th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. "We have seen a pretty substantial increase in volume," said Paul Baker, general manager at Greenlight Stateline.

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