Upcoming Kansas City Conference Confronts Outcry Over Gender-Affirming Care

OR . . . More likely . . . 

About half a dozen protesters will be trolling very rich doctors about their detached decisions.

Here's a preview . . .

Those resolutions and more will be voted on at the MSMA annual convention March 31-April 2 in Kansas City. The MSMA currently has no official position on the resolutions, Jeffrey S. Howell, executive vice president, tells The Heartlander.

The online comment period runs from Feb. 24-March 23, but the transgender treatments for minors resolutions are already attracting fierce opposition from members, who use words such as “horrendous” and “terrible” to describe them.

“There is junk science associated with surgeries and hormone therapy and the junk science has led many countries to oppose procedures and hormones for minors,” one doctor writes.

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National watchdog warns Missouri State Medical Association may support woke racial, transgender politics in medical schools

Racial and transgender politics are endangering the practice of medicine, yet the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) is considering whether to actually welcome it, warns a national watchdog group. The MSMA is currently taking members' comments online on two proposed resolutions supporting minors' access to gender transition treatments and opposing any legislative bans on them.