TKC Reader: Kansas City Confronts Bleak Future As Destination For Vice

Last night we talked just a bit about weed tourism as Kansas City's only real growth industry.

Now . . .

KICK-ASS TKC READERS offer a worst case scenario . . . And a reminder that all of those Iowa visitors don't always have the best of intentions for our cowtown . . . Check-it . . .

"Here is what KC can expect in the near future. Jean Peters Baker won’t prosecute for prostitution or smoking outside (or anything else) so pot and prostitution is for all purposes legal.  

Note how Amsterdam, with its extensive streetcar system and with its Bonafides as an international tourist destination is planning on hosting 18m visitors this year.  <sarcasm> They’ll have to up their game to reach KC visitor levels of over 20 million people anally. </sarcasm>

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Amsterdam, Sick of Partying Tourists, Says No Thanks

Amsterdam has a message for tourists who want to party hard while visiting the city: Stay away. The Netherlands' capital plans to launch a deterrence campaign later this month aimed at tourists who go wild during their visits.