Suspect Convicted Of Careless Driving Before Crash Killed KCPD Officer & K-9

Since COVID and the BLM riots/uprising there really hasn't been a great deal traffic enforcement in Kansas City. It just isn't worth it . . . Stopping a speeder isn't really worth another bout of deadly civil unrest that burns down American cities fueled by social media & MSM hate. 

Meanwhile . . . There are a few funny social media outlets dedicated to laughing at temp tags dating back to 2020. 

The consequence . . . We always warn our readers that driving is a lot more dangerous than it has been in recent years. 

This year a tragic crash claimed the life of a KCPD officer  . . . In the aftermath there was anger at the Jackson County prosecutor because the guy made bail easily. However, as more deets from his case become available . . . It turns out there are quite a few people/institutions responsible for keeping him on the street before inevitable tragedy.

Here's the detail that stands out . . .

"During the two years prior to that deadly Feb. 15 crash at the intersection of Truman Road and Benton Boulevard, SUSPECT received a warning after another incident when he allegedly ran a red light while speeding and had the careless driving conviction, but there is no indication that his license was ever suspended or revoked."

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Teen who killed KCPD officer, K9, pedestrian 'cut many breaks' in prior traffic cases

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tonganoxie Municipal Court records indicate that the city's police chief believed Jerron Lightfoot had been given enough breaks in testimony related to a careless driving conviction in December 2022.