South Side Blogger Cites Dysfunction Amongst Hickman Mills School Board

This note is important for a look at the embattled school district and their recent power moves.

Here are the basics according to one of the top local watchdogs . . .

"Last August the community was asked to support a $20M bond issue for the vague purpose of “various improvements”. There were no definite plans shared with the community, most probably because there were no definite plans—a first in the history of the district. The community was only told that buildings needed to be reconfigured in order to best educate the students. Proposals, however, keep changing. We’ve heard about a sixth-grade center, an eighth-grade center, a new middle school, a real-world learning center and it’s anybody’s guess what else may crop up. To date none of that bond money has been spent. Of course nobody’s mentioning the fact that items from the previous bond are still not complete."

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