Sh*tty Defense Of New KCI Trans Restroom

Credit where it's due . . . We admire all of the scatological humor and stinky puns from this Platte County Landmark editorial from The Fake Ned Yost . . .

Enter the shining crown jewel of Platte County – the new KCI Airport Terminal. It has raised some pearl clutchers and hackles with the introduction of gender neutral bathrooms. I will pause as you gasp aloud.

Let’s ignore that these gender neutral bathrooms are simply a toilet in a small private area. Let’s also ignore that the only the sinks are the shared area of the bathroom. Let’s instead focus on how WOKE KCI has become with allowing the boy poopie to mix with the girl poopie and that could somehow make some trans poopie. (I think that’s the math here.)

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Gender neutral crapper

What DOES unite us is that all of us drop the kids off at the pool. We all take the train to brown town, if you know what I'm saying. We all have to make the poo poo and we usually have to do it at least once a day.