Show-Me Sports Betting Winning

Missouri's economy will soon be even more dependent on vice in the very near future.

Here's how it will happen . . .

The bill given first-round approval is almost identical to the industry-negotiated bill that has been debated over the past two years. It would allow each licensed casino to offer customers three betting platforms, or skins, with a limit of six per casino company. Each of the major league sports teams could contract with a platform to offer wagering branded under their name.

Anyone over 21 would be able to download a sports wagering application to their phone or computer and place bets from anywhere within the state.

The net winnings of sports betting would be taxed at 10%. The net winnings would be calculated after deductions for promotional costs such as free bets intended to draw gamblers.

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Missouri House Approves Sports Wagering Bill

The Missouri House overwhelmingly approved a bill Monday to legalize sports wagering, with Republicans siding with casino companies to defeat Democratic amendments seeking higher taxes and limits on promotional costs. The bill needs a formal roll-call vote, expected later this week, to send it to the Missouri Senate.