Show-Me Senator Hawley Hit With Classic Americana Copyright Strike

Apropos for #TBT . . . A classic song and newspaper "reporting" targets Missouri's senior statesman.

Take a look . . .

While saying she accepted “This Land is Your Land” being used for political purposes from time to time, Guthrie explained, “We do not consider Josh Hawley in any way a representative of Woody’s values therefore we would never endorse or approve of his reference to Woody’s lyrics.”

Her father’s song, Guthrie said, is “more of a vision of democracy.”

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'This Land' is not his song: Woody Guthrie's family rejects Josh Hawley's use of lyrics

The family of the singer behind the classic tune, "This Land is Your Land" has a message for Sen. Josh Hawley: This song is not your song to "co-opt." The Missouri Republican referenced the 1940 folk music hit by Woody Guthrie last week when introducing the This Land is Our Land Act, S.