Show-Me Pro-War Progressive Lucas Kunce & Sellout Democratic Party Hype Men

A quick point of order . . . WITH the reminder that if TKC turns up dead, even if there's a note . . . It was MURDER because of this blog's snarky political opinions and not my sneakers.

Whilst we respect the service of former Marine Lucas Kunce . . . Let's get it straight, he's an obvious yes vote for war with Russia in/over Ukraine and for that reason Missouri voters already rejected him last time around in favor of a beer lady heiress legacy who also didn't stand a chance. 

The Pentagon is in charge of many important things . . . They don't need to run Missouri any more than they already do. 

Also there's a very sketchy line in this report about Kunce rejecting "corporate money" that clues us into the fact that it's all basically promotional propaganda.

In fairness, here's a link to a far more celebratory estimation of his candidacy . . . Check-it . . .

"Lucas Kunce strikes me as a populist from another era. A populist Democrat with a wonkish appetite for economic policy, he looks up to Harry Truman, Missouri’s only president. (Kunce actually lives two blocks from Truman’s house in Independence, now a historic site. He tells me he can even see it from his bathroom window.) Before Truman was dragooned by FDR into becoming vice president, he was an irascible senator best known, as Kunce notes, for having “held hearings against corrupt defense contractors.” Given Kunce’s experiences as an arms control negotiator in the Pentagon, that particular Truman anecdote is particularly resonant."

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