Show-Me No Love For Senator Hawley?!?

Here's what the progressive survey seyz . . . Nobody likes Senator Josh Hawley.

However . . . 

Alleged GOP opposition kinda contradicts Missouri voting trends over the past 8 years . . . Which have been some of the most conservative in the nation. 

Check the story . . .

Not surprisingly, only 1 percent of Democrats in the poll rated Hawley favorably. However, the poll also found that 54 percent of Independents and 24 percent of Republicans do not view him favorably either.

"Hawley is particularly unpopular with women overall, college graduates, in the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas, young voters, Independents, and non white voters," the memo says.

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Josh Hawley Faces 'Intensely Negative Sentiment' in Missouri, Poll Finds

Missourians are pretty evenly split on their opinions of Senator Josh Hawley. Just as many, if not more, voters view him unfavorably as favorably, according to a copy of a memo from Change Research obtained by the RFT. The San Francisco-based polling firm compiled data from 1,267 Missouri voters, 43 percent of whom said they viewed the Republican senator unfavorably.