Show-Me Hyperloop Vaporware Hope?!?

A nearly forgotten scheme resurfaces again . . .

Here's a literal transit pipe dream . . .

"KSDK reported a couple years ago that while West Virginia got the first test track, Missouri is still a very possible destination for the Hyperloop in the future. The designers still believe the geography of Missouri is an ideal location for this type of transportation system and there's enough business especially between St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City to make it financially possible."

Meanwhile, back in reality, just as TKC readers warned us all.

This project was nothing but vaporware hype and it's NEVER going to happen in this configuration that still doesn't work in reality . . . And never will given that the research was mostly abandoned. 

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How Missouri Almost Got a Superfast Hyperloop and It Still Might

There's a super-fast transportation system being developed and it almost ended up in Missouri. It's called the "hyperloop" and it still might make its way to the Show Me State after all. If you've never heard of the Hyperloop, it was originally a vision by Elon Musk.