Show-Me Culture War In-fighting Betwixt Republican Super Majority

The most important part of an admittedly progressive report features Missouri Republicans arguing amongst each other about the implications of their legislative crackdown . . .

"Meanwhile, state Rep. Anne Kelley of Lamar introduced a “Don’t Say Gay” bill—one of 34 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in the state this year—that would prohibit K-12 educators from talking about gender or sexual identity. When publicly questioned about the bill in a committee meeting by a fellow Republican, state Rep. Phil Christofanelli, her defense of the bill was so bad that the committee chair had to ask the crowd to stop laughing."

The exchange is pretty intense and we give credit to the Republican legislator asking the questions for attempting to clarify sloppy legislation and an even worse understanding of public policy.

 The rest of this report is merely progressive advocacy and here's their pitch . . .

At the end of the day, what is happening in Missouri is just a microcosm of the culture wars happening across the country, largely along rural and urban lines. Small-town legislators introduce bills designed by billionaire-funded right-wing think tanks that offer “solutions” to things that weren’t ever a problem—whether it’s “critical race theory” in schools or children attending drag shows—while ignoring real crises facing the state, like impossibly high gun death rates and real struggles to pay for basics like housing and groceries.

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Even Missouri Republicans object to the antics of their most extreme colleagues

First up, state Rep. Rick Brattin of Harrisonville has introduced a bill that would make Missouri the only state in the entire country to tax food, but not gun sales.