Show-Me Crackdown On 'Gender-Affirming' Care For Youngsters

Conservatives gain momentum to block CONTROVERSIAL medical procedures for youngsters.  

Meanwhile, we notice that debate on this topic is hopelessly polarized and very few people are willing to talk about the benefits/consequences of surgery on mental health. 

From our low-rent vantage . . . Cutting people up is typically a bad thing unless you're unclogging arteries or some similar life-saving measure.

Just a bit of irony . . .

In this debate we notice Republicans are on the side of "body positivity" and acceptance of natural traits that can't be altered without great effort. Sadly, this compassion is not often extended to fatties in Missouri.

Here's a glimpse at the progress so far . . .

"As hundreds of activists rallied at the Capitol to pressure lawmakers to act on the bill, Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced plans to file an emergency rule.The rule will require an 18-month waiting period, 15 hour-long therapy sessions and treatment of any mental illnesses before Missouri doctors can provide that kind of care to transgender children, according to Bailey's office."

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Missouri to restrict gender-affirming care for minors

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri's Republican attorney general on Monday said he will limit access to gender-affirming care for minors, sidestepping the GOP-led Senate as it struggles to pass a law banning the practice for children completely.

Following all-night session, Missouri Senate endorses transgender health restrictions

The Missouri Senate advanced a pair of bills to prohibit gender-transitioning health care treatments for minors and restrict them from competing in sports, a hard-fought GOP win Tuesday following intense pressure from protesters to act.The Senate votes came after an all-night session of closed-door negotiations and only after Republican lawmakers agreed not to prohibit transitions already in process and to let the measures expire in 2027.

Developing . . .