Sen. Josh Hawley Demands COVID-19 Origin Dox Declassified

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With a Republican-controlled House and two federal agencies – the Department of Energy and the FBI – now saying a lab leak of the deadly virus is the pandemic’s most likely origin. And, in fact, Hawley’s COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023 sailed through on a unanimous vote again Wednesday evening.

Still, the Biden administration is hedging about it, dismissing the two agencies’ conclusions amid what it says is a lack of consensus among federal officials.


“Because they don’t want to own up to the truth,” Hawley said in an interview with The Heartlander on Wednesday. “Because they’ve got so much invested in censoring people. This is the administration that wanted to use COVID to monitor every American’s speech and to shut down speech they didn’t like. And let’s never forget, that included speech about this virus, about COVID and about a lab origin.

“If you said it was from a lab, you got kicked off social media. You got shunned in public. You got told you shouldn’t talk about it at work. That’s what they wanted. So, they don’t want to admit that they were wrong all along, and they don’t want to admit that they tried to use the power of government to control speech. But that’s exactly what they did.  

“And that’s why we need to declassify all the information that the U.S. government has about COVID origins.”

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Americans deserve to know what the government knows about the 'likely' leak of COVID-19 from a lab in Wuhan, China, says Hawley

The U.S. senator from Missouri, along with Sen. Mike Braun, R-Indiana, introduced the COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023, which would require the Biden administration to declassify intelligence on potential links between the pandemic and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Their similar bill passed the Senate unanimously in 2021 but died in the Democrat-controlled House.