Rock Island Bridge Comeback Funded By Sketchy 'Philanthropic Investment' Scheme

Forgive our skepticism about this public/private arrangement.

We've seen the same plan FAIL in KCMO and taxpayers ALWAYS end up stuck with the bill.

Remember that doggie ladies claimed they were going to come up with 8 MILLION+ for the local animal shelter but then conveniently forgot about that promise that was never put in writing. KC took over the project and all was forgiven with absolutely no reporting on the topic.

Just for a sec . . . Imagine what would happen to the average local scumbag if they promised MILLIONS but then never delivered.

But I digress . . .

Here's a similar plan that deserves more than a bit of scrutiny . . .

“The project cost is going to come in around $12 million. We don’t like to think so much of building as remodeling,” Mike Laddin, Flying Truss, LLC, said.

A public-private philanthropic partnership is being used to pay for the project, according to Laddin.

This is how the funding breaks down:

- The Unified Government will pay $2 million. The investment will be repaid by taxes collected on the bridge.
- Investors who will get a return on their investment-
- Philanthropic investment because 65% of the space on the bridge is dedicated to public open access space.

Laddin says people should visualize a park on a bridge with large kiosks for businesses and restaurants.

There are also plans to have paths where people can walk and bike across the Kansas River. A zipline will also operate off the Rock Island Bridge when it opens.

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Kansas City developers break ground on Rock Island Bridge project

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bars, coffee shops, events, and even ziplining will soon open on an old railroad bridge. Developers behind the Rock Island Bridge project will begin working on the project Monday. Equipment is in place and the entire area is fenced off for safety. Crews built the Rock Island Bridge in 1905.