Road Rage: Show-Me MoDOT Defunded

This doesn't seem like a big issue for those who don't pay attention to state politics.

However . . .

A power move could put highway funds in play and probably loot cash from the KCMO area. 

Translation: Local highway could could get even worse. 

Here's the upshot and a gambit that looks likely . . .

"The resolution gives the state legislature appropriations power over the state road fund, which is now under the control of the Transportation Department. Because it’s a proposed constitutional amendment, it must be approved by voters to go into effect."

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Missouri House passes measure to give legislators, not MoDOT, control over state road fund

The Missouri House on Tuesday passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would take control of the state road fund away from the Transportation Department and give it to lawmakers. The House voted 101-45 to pass the resolution. It now goes to the Senate. Because it's a proposed constitutional amendment, it would also have to go before voters.