Rizzo Leads Kansas City 4th District Endorsement Contest

Here's an offer for any KCMO council candidate . . . Send TKC an endorsement list and we'll find a place for it. 

And so . . .

Today we want to focus on the competition in our part of town . . . Here's what we notice . . . 

Longtime Northeast political leader Henry Rizzo has put together an impressive list of supporters, organizations and colleagues who are backing his bid to oust the incumbent. 

We've talked about this before but the list seems to be growing as we get closer to the primary. In more than 30 years of local politics a lot of these names should be familiar to longtime residents and what impresses us is the broad coalition of support.

Take a look . . .

Missouri State Senator John Rizzo

KCMO Council Member Theresa Loar

Former KCMO Councilman Jim Glover

Former KCMO Councilman Bonnie Sue Cooper

Former KCMO Councilman Ed Ford

Former KCMO Councilman Bill Skaggs

Fraternal Order Of Police

Freedom, Inc. 

Larry Arthur

Kate Barsotti

Charlie Passantino

John Conforti

John Strada

Jomarie Guastello

John Sanders

Mike White

Bil Nigro

Frank Cascone

Former KCPD Chief Of Police Jim Corwin

Rosie Privitera Biondo 

Deron Cherry

Elliott Threatt

Firefighters 3808

Phil Snowden

Charlie Broomfiled

Jimmy Cascone

Mario Rojas 

Hispanic Organization for Justice & Equality (HOJE)

La Raza Political Club

Former KCMO City Manager Bob Collins

Former State Rep. John Burnett 

Paul Rojas

Mark Morales

Tim Johnston

Michael Garozzo

Jim Bowers

Local 500

Northland Strong


Developing . . .