Raytown Fights Against Evergy Substation

Here's a peek at more suburban push back this week . . . Take a look at one of many arguments about the grid . . .

“On so many occasions where a transformer has blown in the middle of the night, it’s like a sonic boom and your lights would go out and I’m going to get two more of those next to this plant already?”

An Evergy spokesperson said that plans to expand the current substation would, "enhance electric reliability and strengthen the regional power grid."

The spokesperson for the utility also added that the company has been in contact with area's Homeowner's Association about acquiring the property for the expansion.

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Residents angry, ready to fight proposed substation expansion

RAYTOWN, Mo. - Some people who live and own property in the Woodgate Farms community are not happy over Evergy's plans to expand their substation. "It's going to change the whole neighborhood," said Ginna Terrill. Terrill has lived in her home on East 59 th Street for 39 years.