Perfect Village Luxury Home Tour Provides Another Reason For American Class War

Just for clarification . . . TKC doesn't EVER desire to be a combatant and we've always admired the non-aggression principle that has been adopted by many libertarians AND leftists . . . For those who don't know . . . It's like more workable version of "the golden rule" for people who still love the 2nd Amendment. 

However . . . As we've demonstrated over the years . . . We're one of the best scavengers in four state area . . . And a recent bit of promo journalism adds to our list of places to visit after the post-nuke war revolution comes . . .

Also . . .

These home tours always seem quizzical . . . What's the benefit in showing the whole world all of your nice stuff?!?!

Please feel free to answer that one whilst we admire the exquisite trappings of Golden Ghetto life:

Despite many of the updates, much of the original design details of the approximately six thousand-square-foot house remain intact, including original hardwood floors, wainscoting and intricate moldings throughout the house. These elements became the perfect backdrop for the couple's curated furniture collection and decorative objects, much of which they’ve had for years.

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How interior designers from Nell Hill's showcase a Prairie Village couple's collected pieces

The Cantralls have only been living in their Prairie Village home for four years, but it's full of treasured items they have collected over a lifetime. "We're always finding little pieces here and there," says Barbara Cantrall, who, along with her husband John Cantrall, enjoys antiquing when traveling.