Patrick Mahomes Tweets Facepalm Emjoi & Earns Universal Agreement

Kansas City's top conservative sports talker puts a recent social media blast in perspective . . .

"On the eve of the Royals season opener, Patrick Mahomes is making national news with a tweet with one emoji and no words.  One emoji tweet by an off season quarterback is bigger news than a MLB team's season opener.  Amazing."

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Officers, Headmaster, Student's Bravery Heroic, Mahomes Emoji Makes Headlines, Royals Roster Set, Bill Self Camp is On | Kevin Kietzman Has Issues

The bravery of the police officers that took out the deranged school shooter Monday in Nashville is in plain view with bodycam video being released. Truly remarkable. Now we are learning what the Headmaster of the school and a 9 year old little girl did to help others that cost them their lives.

Patrick Mahomes had a perfect 1-emoji reaction to the awful 'Thursday Night Football' change

We and a lot of other NFL fans -- and Peter King! -- have been saying it: The idea of making late-season Thursday Night Football games flexible is a horrible one, for a variety of reasons, starting with player safety and ending with ticket s

Patrick Mahomes, Roger Goodell apparently disagree about 'Thursday Night Football'

On Tuesday evening, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero tweeted that the league's owners - meeting this week in Phoenix - approved a key change to "Thursday Night Football," allowing the same team to play after the short week more than once a season.

Developing . . .