Other Towns Consider Shotspotter That NEVER WORKED In Kansas City

An inconvenient fact that's perfect to consider on Sunday . . . 

As Kansas City still fights over police funding, let's not forget BIG BUCKS spent on this law enforcement tech that NEVER DELIVERED on big promises and mostly served and useless urban surveillance. 

Here's the money line . . .

"Research has found fewer benefits of Shotspotter, including a recently completed 15-year study of the program in Kansas City.

"Professor Eric Piza, director of Crime Analysis Initiatives at Northeastern University, began to study the ShotSpotter program there in 2019, where it had been in operation since 2012. The study considered crime data dating back to 2005, prior to ShotSpotter being implemented.

“We find very little crime prevention benefit of this technology,” he said of the study’s findings.

"Piza said ShotSpotter didn’t change the upward trajectory of violence in Kansas City, which is facing spikes similar to Albuquerque and other U.S. cities."

Local perspective . . . 

As debate over police funding continues behind the scenes . . . Even supporters of the po-po have told local law enforcement that they want FUNDS SPENT ON STAFF & MORE COPS HIRED rather than funding for more toys.

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Kansas City study finds 'no meaningful change' in violence

ShotSpotter has been around for decades and, according to the company, has been implemented at one time or another in more than 130 cities nationwide. Although only a few years old in Albuquerque, numerous studies and surveys have been done on the technology and its effectiveness over the years.