Organizers Promise Another 'Historic Economic Boom' For Upcoming Fanboi Events

The punchline . . . This kind of Hollywood accounting rarely translates into sustainable revenue or growth. 

Instead . . . We'll see a few crowded restaurants and images of chubby fans stuffing their face with BBQ without much follow-up reporting on Kansas City's worsening budget. 

Here's the cover story . . .

The Greater Kansas City Sports Commission estimates the NCAA tournament will generate $14 million within the local economy. Come Sunday, KC will send the winning team to the Final Four. President and CEO of the commission, Kathy Nelson, says even though there are no local teams playing at T-Mobile Center, out-of-state NCAA fans generate a different type of craze . . .

In the next coming weeks, Union Station will be prepping the stage for the NFL Draft. Nelson says the three-day event will cost the city $3 million to host, but the return on investment will be at least $125 million. The commission will also be raising an additional $2 million to offset costs.

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