Oracle Cerner Mass Layoffs Nearly Explained

But not really. 

In fact . . . 

What we can "sense" from this update and a few online followup reports is just a bit of damage control following a great deal of bad publicity. 

From our vantage . . . The misery of Kansas City tech workers/contractors/vendors shouldn't discourage Oracle stockholders . . . Given that the corporate giant has always been lean and EXCEPTIONALLY mean. 

Now, here's a bit of biz speak . . .

According to WARN filing requirements, a mass layoff occurs when 50 to 499 workers are laid off from a single site of employment during a 30-day period, and the affected employees comprise 33% of the total full-time workers at that site. When 500 or more full-time employees are laid off from a site, the 33% requirement no longer applies. For layoffs that meet WARN criteria, a 60-day written notice must be given to affected employees.

Comments on TheLayoff.comsaid the job cuts were rumored to be 10% of Oracle Cerner’s workforce. Before March 16, Oracle Cerner employed 11,900 full-time associates in the Kansas City area and about 28,000 overall. Since a WARN wasn’t filed, Oracle would have laid off less than 500 people locally.

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Why Oracle Cerner's layoffs didn't trigger a WARN filing - Kansas City Business Journal

Oracle Cerner employees described the most recent round of job cuts as a "major" and "mass" layoff. A senior manager of portfolio and program management said on LinkedIn that his "entire team was eliminated." Another employee said that the creative services team was being dissolved.