Olathe Navigates School Bus Driver Crisis

Today's ongoing life lesson in staffing probs . . . Here's how one local district plans to maneuver . . .

Right now the district has 150 bus drivers, but needs more than 180 drivers to cover all routes and cover routes for drivers who call out sick on any given day.

The district currently operates on a 2-tier bus system, meaning school start times are spread out enough to allow a single bus driver to operate multiple routes for middle school and high school bus riders.

Now district leaders will consider adjusting school bell schedules to create a 3-tier transportation system to allow drivers to cover up to three routes each day.

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Olathe considers switching up school start times to combat bus driver shortage

OLATHE, Kan. - The Olathe School District could soon change what time school starts and ends to accommodate the ongoing bus driver shortage. In December, the school district launched a study to review school start and end times for the 2023-24 school year to help alleviate transportation challenges.