Newspaper Denounces Challenges Against Kansas Court Ruling On Voting Law

Reality check . . . This is just an open warning letter to Kansas AG Kris Kobach and his pending appeal of the decision on election protocols. 

Meanwhile . . .

Legal back & forth is part of the process despite this screed attempting to direct public opinion from a smaller & smaller group of readers . . . Take a peek . . .

"Any appeal of the current case should receive a frosty reception in front of justices who honor precedent.

"Lawmakers should heed the court’s warning. Pervasive myths among Republicans say that the the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump (but only that office) and that voter fraud runs rampant. Neither is true, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans from passing terrible laws to disenfranchise voters."

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Kansas, your right to vote is fundamental. Don't let Republicans make it harder | Opinion

The Kansas Court of Appeals last week reminded residents and lawmakers that voting is a fundamental right. The Republican-controlled Legislature needs to lay off attempts to erect barriers to voting. It might seem obvious that voting is a fundamental right, but it isn't, at least not in the United States.